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What is the basic composition and working principle of the electric walkie stacker?
An electric walkie stacker, also known as an electric pallet stacker or pedestrian stacker, is a type of material handling equipment designed for lifting, transporting, and stacking pallets or other loads in a warehouse or industrial setting. The basic composition and working principle of an electric walkie stacker can be described as follows:
Basic Composition:
Chassis: The chassis of the walkie stacker is the frame of the vehicle, which supports all the components and provides stability.
Mast: The mast is the vertical assembly that includes the uprights and lifting mechanism. It's responsible for raising and lowering the forks or load platform.
Forks or Load Platform: The forks or load platform are the parts of the stacker that come in contact with the load. They can be raised and lowered to lift and transport pallets.
Electric Motor: Electric walkie stackers are powered by electric motors, typically powered by batteries. These motors drive the wheels and the hydraulic system.
Control Panel: The control panel or operator's control interface allows the operator to control the movement and operation of the walkie stacker, including lifting, lowering, and steering.
Battery: Electric walkie stackers use rechargeable batteries as their power source. The battery provides energy for the electric motor and other electrical systems.
Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system is responsible for raising and lowering the forks or load platform. It uses hydraulic fluid and a hydraulic pump to generate the force required for lifting.
Working Principle:
Power Supply: The electric walkie stacker is powered by an onboard rechargeable battery. The operator ensures that the battery is charged and ready for operation.
Operator Control: The operator stands or walks behind the stacker and uses the control panel to maneuver the vehicle. This includes steering, acceleration, braking, and lifting or lowering the forks or load platform.
Lifting: When the operator raises the load platform or forks, the hydraulic system activates, causing the mast to extend vertically, lifting the load. This is typically done using a lift control lever or button on the control panel.
Transport and Stacking: Once the load is raised to the desired height, the operator can move the stacker to transport the load to its destination. The stacker is designed for precise movement and control, allowing the operator to navigate in tight spaces.
Lowering: When the operator wants to lower the load, they use the control panel to activate the hydraulic system in the opposite direction, slowly lowering the load to the ground or a desired height on a rack or shelf.
Safety Features: Electric walkie stackers often include safety features such as sensors, brakes, and alarms to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation. These may include features like speed limiters, horn signals, and emergency stop buttons.
The electric walkie stacker's working principle is relatively simple, making it an efficient and safe choice for lifting and transporting pallets and loads in various industrial and warehouse environments.

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